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In order for VATESOL to continue to provide excellent professional development and networking opportunities for TESOL professionals around the Commonwealth, we seek enthusiastic and engaged members to serve on the board of directors.  Please consider nominating yourself for one of the vacant positions. For position descriptions, please read "requirements" below. Link to application is below.

2nd Vice President
Membership Chair
K-12 Special Interest Group Leader


Applicants must be members of VATESOL in good standing with a strong interest in advancing research, networking and professional development opportunities for Virginia TESOL professionals.  To renew or begin membership, click here.

Board members are required to participate in monthly virtual meetings. On average, board members spend 5-15 hours per month on board-related tasks.  During event planning, the amount of time dedicated to board activities may increase significantly. Additionally, please read the Articles of Incorporation.

Specific Positions Descriptions:

2nd Vice President = Position description

Membership Chair = Positions description

K-12 Special Interest Group Leader = Position description

Apply Here!

*Board positions are based on the revised 2020 Articles of Incorporation.

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