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Most Current Newsletter available to Members Only

Types of articles for submission include:

  • Best practices from teachers
  • Classroom-based action research
  • Book reviews

Dates for newsletters:      

Issue #

Approximate deadline for article submission   

Approximate newsletter publishing date


February 15 

March 15 


May 15 

June 15


August 15   

September 15


November 15  

December 15


Newsletter Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering submitting to the VATESOL newsletter! We encourage the submission of articles from members. Below are some guidelines that will help you submit information for the newsletter:

  • Articles should be in 12-point Times New Roman font, single spaced, with paragraphs indented.
  • Although there is no hard word limit requirement, shorter articles are better (shorter than 1000 words). SIGS and other Board member reports can be from one paragraph to several paragraphs, but there is no hard requirement. 
  • No more than 5 citations should be included in each article, following APA citations.
  • Please include a 1-2 sentence bio of the author with your article. Example:  Mary Jane Doe is an ESL teacher at Holly Farms High School in Anytown, Virginia. She is a career-switcher and has been teaching for 7 years. Mary Jane Doe can be reached at email address.   (Optional: picture of you).

To increase readability, please note the following:

  • Online readers prefer chunked information, so keep the text short, use bulleted lists, and put main ideas first.
  • Use headings and subheadings.
  • Use clickable links (with http://).
  • Include pictures or graphics for visual appeal, if applicable.

Send your newsletter submissions to  vatesol@gmail.com.

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